Pi Kappa Phi

"Those ΚΔs though"

"We have the best DJs on campus. #NoContest"

"Made a pledge organize a tub of sprinkles by color & count every one of them"

"Undoubtedly the most ignorant chapter on campus. The sororities love us and hate us for it #wedontturndown"

"Breaking up with your girlfriend at the social between her sorority and your fraternity. TFTC"

"Had recruits walk in on me getting head after that they all signed. #recruitingdoneright"

"Showing up to my 8am blacked out on a Wednesday because it's my birthday #TFM"

"Couldn't get out of bed this morning to go to class without railing a line of coke. Men of Class since 1904"

"Pissed on my roommates futon while passed out drunk"

"Pledges being scared- all the time."