Phi Kappa Tau

"Snuck upstairs in a sorority house, had sex and then snuck right back out without a single person knowing except for her."

"Becoming incredibly familiar with the words, "your fucked.""

"Is it weird that I hook up with my Greek mom? Lol"

"I'm now known as the blumpkin king."

"One of my Pledge brothers girlfriend told me she wish she had sex with me before meetin him"

"We fuck Zetas and date Chi Os #sorrynotsorry"

"Sorority girl felt bad that she was on her period so she gave me a blumpkin."

"Our party house is a dump and me and my pledge brothers have to clean it before and after every party #pledgeproblems "

"I just wanna see if this will get on twitter #hoorah"

"I hate all my brothers I fuck all their girlfriends"