Delta Chi

"This girl tried reaching for mybutthole once while giving me head. I slapped her and said no. She continued giving me head"

"My dick is so big that every girl feels like a virgin.. it makes it really hard to last when they feel so tight....

"Went to our Regional Leadership Conference last weekend and hooked up with their sweetheart just cuz I was a brother"

"Girl almost missed Dad's day because she was giving me head in the morning"

"Here's to going to bed with a 10 and waking up with a 2."

"Some girl blew me at a party. She told me to say when. I didn't. She got mad and asked me why. I said,...

"Got my pledge name by getting head from this chubby girl who was wearing all pink. They call me "Kirby""

"After reading some of these "@sratfession", I will never date a sorority girl #sloots"

"During a game of boom, my girlfriend proceeded to make out with me immediately after I threw up."

"My roommate from last year went PIKE so I started fucking his long time girlfriend."