“A girl’s “amazing” night will be all over facebook in pictures to see. Our amazing nights shall never be spoken of or brought up again until brotherhood retreat!”

“Two of my brothers in my pledge class have hot sisters…. So I asked both of them how they felt about becoming brother in laws as well #BrothersForLife”

“At least one night of every weekend, 80% of my fraternity all drink Four Lokos all night. This usually determines if sororities love or hate us”

“When the temperature started to get colder I washed my pastel shorts, folded them and as I put them into my drawer I kissed them saying “I’ll see you in the spring baby.””

“”Look like this for the sororities.”

“Act like this for the sororities”

“What will the sororities think?”

Maybe sorority girls shouldn’t be so damn judgemental.”

“I like to get coked out and rail my girlfriend while the president of her sorority is in the other room.”

“Go to frat houses, upperdecker their toilets, fuck the sorority girls, leave, repeat.”

“While I was pledging a senior brother threatened to kick my ass. I slept with his girlfriend. As a freshman I was better them him”

“Got thrown out of a bar because I over heard a pike talking shit about our fraternity, so I beat the fuck out of him. #tftc”

“I’ve Fucked more girls in this past week than I have my whole life! …PS, I’ve been a pledge brother for a week! !!Delta Fucking Chi”